Interiors Haberdashery has operated as a trade resource since 1993 to the leading east coast Interior Design and architectural firms. The company’s resume includes both Five Star Hotels and exclusive residences internationally. Manufacturing services include:
Hand-made draperies modeled after the English craft
Custom bedding
Soft furnishings
Slip covers
Custom beds
Custom upholstery
Custom embroidery

Interiors Haberdashery offers Interior Design Service combining modern esthetics with realistic comfort. Our designers collaborate with clients on projects of all levels and sizes to fulfill their individual criteria. Design services include:
Concept collaboration
Design scheme presentation
Space planning
Design implementation
Customized furniture solutions
Outside sourcing

Interiors Haberdashery provides products from in-house production and an array of reputable manufacturers and tradesmen internationally. Our hopes are to remain unique but versatile with elegant and innovative solutions.
Modern furniture—a complete line of comfortable upholstered pieces with clean lines
Window treatments—from traditional to contemporary. All hand made
Alternative window treatments—wood blinds, shoji screens, grass cloth shades, shutters and more
Iron drapery hardware—custom made iron and brass in a variety of finishes and shapes
Wood drapery hardware—custom finished, made to order
Custom beds—upholstered, iron, platform and hardwood combinations
Custom soft furnishings—pillows, bedding, etc…
Custom leather products
Upholstery—including walls
Fabrics and Wallpaper
Custom commissioned pieces